Ice Cream

In 2011 we added an Ice Cream bar to Cordially Invited, making our store that much more of a sweet find in the community. We serve Fosselman's Ice those of you that are local but love the fresh homeade flavor that Fosselman's has been serving up for more than 90 no longer have to bear the drive to Alhambra..well still go and visit them but if you are in the mood for one of the 8 Fosselman flavors we carry...stop by here!!!

What's On Ice (as of Nov 12, 2012)

Black Walnut Ice Cream
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Dutch Chocoalate Ice Cream
Green Tea Ice Cream**
Lychee Ice Cream
Real Vanilla Ice Cream
Salty Caramel
Taro Ice Cream

** Flavor of the Month $2.00

Kid's Scoop       $ 1.50
Single Scoop     $ 2.50
Double Scoop    $ 3.75
Triple Scoop     $ 5.00

Ice Cream is served on a cone or in a cup. Your choice of Sugar or original cake cone. But you can always upgrade to an oh so delicious Waffle Cone for .50 !!!

Want a little extra on your Ice Cream? Try some of our Ghiradelli's dark chocolate or caramel topping for .25 extra.

Pre Packed Pints Available for $5.00

Flavors as of 8/15
Pistachio ( 3 available)
Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream ( 1 available)
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (1 available)

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