Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our New Wrap is Here!

We just got in some super cute gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper for birthdays or any occasion for all ages.

Know an Owl lover? We've got the gift wrap for you!

Not much of a gift wrapper? Bring in your gift, select the wrapping paper and we'll do the rest for you. Make your gift shine, don't's all about the presentation!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gift Ideas from Yours Truly

Being a CI emlpoyee is full of temptations, as you can imagine. If I'm not contemplating which journal, stationary or scarf to buy myself I'm drooling over the ice cream and cupcakes over at the dessert bar. I'm surrounded by so many cute things!
The following 5 blog posts are written by me, Yvette B (or Yvette #2 as I'm called here at the store) to share my favorite Valentines Day gift ideas for you and your partner to share together. Sometimes we can use a little inspiration to do something different other than the usual teddy bear and chocolates+flower combo sold by that lady on the street. Our store is full of unique gifts! Come in and check it out. I wish you all a fun, cheezy, squishy-warm filled Valentines Day. Enjoy!

<3 Yvette B.

For Me

IMAG1378 by Party Paper Wrap
IMAG1378, a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.

If my husband wanted to give me something from Cordially Invited for Valentine's Day, these are what I would like *cough cough, ahem* These bling hearts are so pretty and for just $10.75. This book is also full of great tips " Forget fasts and Diet Fads....with more than 200 quick tips revealing how to eat and drink what you love, yet maintain your youthful beauty." Such a great gift for her!

52 Great Cheap Dates

IMAG1379 by Party Paper Wrap
IMAG1379, a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.
Now we're talkin'! I'm all about doing things on the cheap, sometimes getting creative and doing things at home is way better than blowing money on expensive drinks and dinner. This little card deck is full of 52 fun ideas. Have fun and save money together....that's what I like. We also have other cool card decks for lovers such as 52 Great Romantic Films, 52 Really Romantic Dates and 52 Ways to Stay in Love Forever.

Vouchers For Lovers

IMAG1380 by Party Paper Wrap
IMAG1380, a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.

Sometimes, you just need a favor. Pass these vouchers back and forth for fun and redeem your cuddle sessions and date nights whenever you want. Such a cute idea.

Me Without You

IMAG1381 by Party Paper Wrap
IMAG1381, a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.

This little book is perfect for leaving each other bookmarked pages when you want to leave a sweet message. "Me without you is like a biker without a tattoo" Or a "ghost without boo." Awww. So cute!

Why I must Have Sex With You Notepad

IMAG1382 by Party Paper Wrap
IMAG1382, a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.

No beating around the bush with this notepad! Dropping lines and suggestive flirty moves sometimes don't always get the point across. Making it obvious is so much easier with this ;)

Spread the Love

...this year -make sure your child has the "Purrrfect" Valentine's Day cards to share with thier classmates...

that say just how much they "Treasure" them...

Stock up on these Meri Meri Valentine's Day cards - Each set includes 20 cards and 1 for the teacher!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Write Something Sweet....

Choose from our many Valentine's Day Cards...and send a sweet note to the one you love....uhhh or like!!! Whoever or whatever - don't forget to just write something sweet...

Just a sample of our cards but we have plenty more! Come and get them, VDay is almost here.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Give My Heart to You

Whether your heart is big or small,
worn on your sleeve or held close,
there's a heart for everyone to love.

Add a bag of pocket hearts to your Valentine's Day Gift.
Small tokens go a long way

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Nuts

Is your man handy with tools - does he sometimes just drive you nuts!!!  Does he spend his time wandering the aisles of local hardware stores, change your oil every 3,000 miles and your light bulbs every 3 months?!  Well its obvious he's crazy about you!!  Now you can let him know the feeling is mutual!! :)

Great Gift for Your Guy under $25.00

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Loves Ya Baby

With these heart shaped paperweights you won't forget who loves ya!!

And just in case you did can always write on this heart...

But when she has really stolen your heart...this would be great
and for the lady that loves a little bling in her life ...this heart is for her ( until you give her the real bling that is)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wrap It Up!!! on Valentines Day...

....get you mind out of the gutter....We are talking about your Valentines Day Gifts!!!

Forget the gift bags or the baskets in cellowrap..bring your gifts in to Cordially Invited and let us do the wrapping!!

Let your gift set the mood this Valentines Day

"I Puffy Heart Love You"

"Guaranteed One Kiss"

"Sexy Love"

"Playful Heart"

"I Triple Heart You"

We have a great selection of paper and ribbon!!

Don't forget we have complimentary gift wrapping when you purchase your gift in the store and you can ALWAYS bring in a gift from another store and we'll take care of the wrapping*

* outside service fees apply to gifts from other store

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fall in Love....

It's officially the season of LOVE!! Yes i have made February a season..not just one day but an entire season or at least the next 14 days!!!

We have sooo much in store for Valentine's Day and I plan to share it with you everyday for the next 14 days!!! ( Yes i plan to Post EVERYDAY from now until Valentine's Day)

Let's start with 2 GREAT Valentine's Day promotions i hope you fall in love with!!

First - Who remembers Candy Grams???? Well Southern Girl Desserts and Cordially Invited is bringing back Candy Grams with a twist!! Take a look at our flier below and be sure to order your " Valentines Day Gram before 2/11/12

Each month we do our best to give back and what better organization to give to this month than the American Heart Association, after all it is " Heart Month" !!

So for every item sold in Cordially Invited,and our new store partner, Cultural Interiors that is "heart" related (i.e it has a heart on it or was found on our "I heart You" table) we are going to donate 10% of the sales from 2.1-2/14 to the American Heart Association..

What are you waiting for - come on in and
Fall in Love with Cordially Invited , Cultural Interiors and Southern Girl Desserts!!!