Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day is Next Weekend!

There's just a little over a week left to shop for the moms in your life! Need some quick and easy gift ideas? Cordially Invited can help!

Does she love to spend time in the kitchen? We've got a fantastic variety of cookbooks that cover every meal of the day!

Library - 13913

Who doesn't love bacon? This book is chock-full of delicious recipes that will satisfy any pork-lovin' mama:

Library - 13851

Got a sweet tooth? Here's a couple of fun books to help you out:

Library - 13853

Shake up an ordinary lunch with recipes from these collections:

Library - 13852

Is she watching what she eats, or looking for healthy meal ideas? We've got that covered, too:

Library - 13857

Don't forget the drinks!

Library - 13854Library - 13855
Library - 13856

As always, we're happy to help you select the perfect cards to go with your gifts. Let us wrap them, too!

Visit us this week for these gifts and more. Don't forget - celebrate Mom on Sunday, May 8th!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gifts for Guys

So maybe you've been perusing our posts over the last few days and thinking, "but my assistant wouldn't want a purse hook or a floral photo frame or a candle, because he's a guy!" After all, Administrative Professionals' Week is still in full swing - it's not too late!

Or you're just looking for a fun gift for a guy in your life. Maybe you're shopping early for Father's Day, or a 2011 graduate. Well, we've got some fun stuff in the shop that might be of help to you!

Library - 13877

Maybe he's a sports fan...

Library - 13878

Does he like to relax with a good cigar?

Library - 13880

How about a friendly game of cards?

Library - 13881

Or maybe a little something to put in the bathroom of his "man-cave":

Library - 13882

This would make for some good bathroom reading, too:

Library - 13879

See, Cordially Invited is good for all sorts of occasions...even gag gift-buying!

Come on in and browse our selection of great gifts for everyone - and there's still time to squeeze in an entry or two for our $100 gas card giveaway! See you soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giveaways Galore!

Have you had a chance to enter our drawing for a $100 gas card yet?


There are a few different ways to enter, and you still have time! Need a refresher? Here's what you can do:

  • Come in to the store and make a $15 purchase until April 30th at 6PM (all purchases made during the contest period are nonrefundable, but returnable for store credit)

  • "Like" us on Facebook - click here

  • Follow us on Twitter! Tweet a link to this post, mention us in the tweet (@CordiallyInvtd), and get another entry!

  • Do you Yelp? Check in while you're here and receive yet another entry into the drawing

  • Share a link to this post on your own blog

Pretty easy, right? The drawing happens on May 1st - don't miss out on your chance for free gas!

Because we love you so much, we'll be doing another giveaway next week! Details to come, but here's a (pretty big) hint:

Library - 13780

Check back often for more fun stuff from Cordially Invited, and don't forget: with so many easy ways to enter the giveaway, you could be hitting the open road - on us!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Administrative Professionals' Week Ideas

Looking for some fun, silly stuff to add to your gift for your assistant? Well, look no more!

Add a little funny to a boring workday with these sticky notes:

Library - 13874more sticky notes

Really make 'em laugh with this...uh, informative set of flash cards:

Library - 13870

Depending on the atmosphere in your workplace, maybe a couple of these notepads would be appropriate:

Library - 13876

Okay, so maybe not all of these items would be entirely acceptable in any given office...but wouldn't it be fun to watch their reactions to them?

We'll be sharing more gift ideas as the week goes on - serious ones! - so check back often!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Administrative Professionals' Week!

Do you have someone at work whose sole responsibility is to help you achieve your goals and get it all done?

If your answer is "yes," this is a gentle reminder to take some time this week to acknowledge all of their hard work day-in, day-out. While it would be fabulous to show them some appreciation all year long, today is the start of Administrative Professionals' Week! The actual "day" is this Wednesday, April 27th, so come on in to Cordially Invited to pick up something special for your assistant.

This fun desk accessory is both colorful and functional - especially with the warm summer months creeping up on us!

Library - 13791

Here's a stylish way to transport electronic files from one computer to another. This USB drive is way more fun to keep on a keychain than the boring ones from office supply stores!

Library - 13906

Sewing kits are a handy emergency tool to have at your desk. Although ours is so pretty, you won't want to keep it hidden away in a drawer!

Library - 13907Library - 13908

...and there's a mini-me version of it, too. This one is small enough to tuck into the pocket of your purse!

Library - 13909

One thing lots of people like to keep on their desks is a photo of someone they love. These beautiful frames are a nice way to display them!

Library - 13892

We'e open all week long to help you with your Administrative Professionals' Week needs. Come on in and pick up these gifts and more, and as always, we've got a fabulous array of cards to choose from. Save even more time and energy and have us wrap the presents for you while you browse!

See, efficiency at its best...see you soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hangin' with the Easter Bunny

We've been so busy here at Cordially Invited that we totally overlooked a recap of our awesome Easter event a couple of weekends ago! It was so much fun! We had so many adorable kids join us for the arts and crafts and to meet the Easter Bunny, and we'd love to share some of our favorite pictures of the day with you.

Our visual display department worked into the wee hours of the night to put together a beautiful backdrop for the photos:


Easter Egg Corner

Some of our adorable little shoppers:




Not everyone was excited to see the Easter Bunny...


Outside, the kids had a great time working on bunny ears and spring-themed greeting cards.


Everyone had a great time, and we can't wait for the next in-store event! Do you have any ideas for something you'd like to see or do at Cordially Invited? Leave it for us in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter from Cordially Invited!

It's almost here!

Of course, we're talking about Easter Sunday this weekend - and we've got a few last-minute items to share with you in case you need to scoop up some yummy, pretty goodies to share!

Delicious truffles in milk, dark or white chocolate and featuring nut brittle, coconut and almonds, all packed in bright, colorful Easter wrapping:

This cute box features an assortment of 8 pieces of milk, dark, and white chocolate candy. You can even reuse the box afterwards - perfect for a combo Easter/Earth Day gift!

...and this adorable Easter egg-shaped box, tied with sheer ribbon and includes a hand-decorated gift card. Inside you'll find 10 pieces of assorted chocolates in milk, white, and dark. Beautiful and tasty!

The shop will be open during our regular hours on Saturday for you to pick up these goodies and more. We'll be closed on Sunday, so that our staff can enjoy the holiday with their families.

Whether you're celebrating Easter or Passover, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of my favorite things about owning a store is opening boxes and totally falling in love with merchandise I ordered months ago and forgot about - LOL

That totally happened this morning!! UPS man arrived 10:30am(on the spot). I start opening boxes like its Christmas morning and squeeled with delight when I pulled these out the box...

I totally forgot about the new line of Wooster and Prince pocket mirrors!!. These lovely palm-size folding mirrors have little mantras inside to inspire you each time you open them.

"Hold Your Friendships Closely, Nearest Your Heart” – (Double Happiness)

“Love Yourself and the Rest is Easy” – (Flyaway)

“Find a Quiet Moment to Reflect Each Day” – (Waterside)

“Pursue Happiness with Abandon” – (Jour du Cirque)

“Let Your Inner Strength Astound You” – (In Town)

“Awaken the Possibilities in Yourself” – (Hither Creek)

I mean really - we should live by each of these mantras everyday - right??

Available in six different styles, each one is lightweight and slim enough to slide into the back pocket of your favorite skinny jeans … and affordable enough to have one inside every one of your favorite purses. They also make perfect gifts and did i mention they have matching emory board set( a pack of 3)

Yo, why i you still reading this - you should be on your way to Cordially Invited to pick up a pocket mirror - trust me they wont stay on the shelves for long

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rediscover the lost art...

of letter writing!

With the convenience and easy access to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and social media in general, fewer and fewer folks are sending handwritten letters and cards these days. And what a shame! Isn't it awesome to open your mailbox and find not just a bunch of junk, but a note or a card that someone took the time to write in and drop in the mail to you?

Cordially Invited has some fantastic stationery items in the shop right now that will have you sitting down to write a letter to a loved one in no time!

Here's the perfect item to get you started: a gorgeous set of elegant paper and matching envelopes. There are twelve color-coordinated, letterpressed bamboo sheets and twelve blank envelopes made with 100% recycled paper, in three different designs.

Do you love having pretty pens to write with? So do we! Hot designer Jonathan Adler has a cool line of writing instruments that are colorful and functional.

Maybe you prefer something with a little bling - these are perfect for you:

Need a little inspiration? This awesome book by the folks at Hello!Lucky has some easy-to-make greeting card projects that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

We've even got a sweet selection of beautiful flat paper to embellish those handmade cards, or maybe even make your own customized stationery:

In ancient times, wax seals were used to indicate whether or not a letter had been tampered with during transit, and also to prove that it was coming from the actual sender and not a forgery. Hot wax was poured onto the envelope and then imprinted with the sender's ring that bore their family crest, or something similar.

Nowadays, wax seals are used more for fun. The colorful wax and decorative seal makes for a really pretty presentation, and we've got all the supplies you need to close your envelope with style:

And don't forget - with every $15 purchase between now and April 30th, you can enter our drawing for a $100 gas card! Visit Cordially Invited today and go back to basics - using "snail mail!"