Friday, February 11, 2011

.....The Winner is.....

I had my first giveaway and although i only had 4 people comment it was cool to see that i actually have a few readers - I will build the blog readership one reader at a time..:0

Without further ado...the winner of Cordially Invited's very first giveaway is.....

Please email me at so we can arrange to get your gift to you.

Oh what's inside the box
1 dozen Heart sugar cookies made by the ever fab Wan of Hello Cookies
A Letterpressed Vday Card of your chosing
and a Naughty Lovers coupon book

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Award!!!

Although i have lurked on several blogs for several years - I am pretty new to actually writing a blog everyday and commenting on other peoples blogs;(blogging can be a full time job)SO you could imagine how STOKED I was when I did my daily read of Wan Life To Live and saw that she had included me in her list of new bloggers to receive a stylish award!!!!

Me stylish??? :)))(I'd be lying if i told you i didnt do a little happy dance) It made me feel so accepted into the blogger community. (Corny - i know - Yet true!!)

I also like that this will give me the opportunity to let you take a little peak nto the person writing the Cordially Invited with out further delay

1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. (DONE)
2. share 7 things about yourself.
a) I am the owner of Cordially Invited a stationery and gift store located on Pico Blvd (shameless plug)
b) I attende Howard University in Wahsington DC ( The 5 years i lived in DC - were some of the best years of my life!!!)
c) I used to play the flute and actually sat 3 rd chair in the Los Angeles Jr Philharmonic Orchestra ( I started playing piano but after one very mean instructor i switched to the flute - i had to audition twice to get into the Philharmonic)
d) Im the oldest of 3 - my younger brothers are twins and pretty freakin cool - i couldnt have asked for better siblings)
e) I freelance as a talent booker for award shows, television productiona and events. ( its a fun job, keeps me busy and i get to meet interesting and sometimes not so nice celebs :) )
f) I'm an aunty!!! YAY - my nephew is the cutest lil boy ever!!!
g) I LOVE what I do!!!! ( leaving my corporate job 7 years ago to start my event planning company was the best thing i could have ever done...It's all about following your dreams...)

3. award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. - this might be a little harder for me - but here it goes

a) C'est La Vie - I love reading JP Archie - her sense of style and fashion - she is always on point. Always has pointers on sample sales, newest and latest trends, etc. Great travel and eats too..

b)How Sweet It Is I just came across this blog and was impressed with a lot of the impressed i have already made two dishes (Macadamia Crusted Tilapia and Warm Spinach and White Bean Salad). I dont do a lot of baking but i will continue reading for more dinner ideas :)
C) Matt Logelin I know Matt will probably cringe at the thought of being called Stylish!! LOL - the style goes to the adorable Maddy - I have not stopped reading this blog since day 1. If you havent read about is story - you should!!
D) Soul Couture A new reader of my blog - and i just discovered hers - Look forward to reading her blog

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Done Done and Done

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sharing the Love with YOU

That's right its time for a Cordially Invited Giveaway!!!

This one is for the Lovers out there.. I've been posting a few of the Valentine's Day Gifts we have at Cordially Invited but now its time to hear from your!!!

Leave a comment and tell us the best V-day gift you have received. Using the I will select a winner.

Winner will receive a special Cordially Invited Valentine's Day Gift Pack

You have until Thursday 11:59pm to leave a comment. Winner will be announced on Friday!!!

Sending my Love....

This is the perfect gift - that honestly can be given at any time. Also perfect if you have a loved one far away....

15 Postcards of Affection.. (Wouldn't this be great to find in your mail - mixed in between the bills and junk mail)

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Heart Belongs to You

and all the bills and paper weighted down underneath these great Heart to Heart Paper Weights. Perfect Gift each with its own message or create your own message on the chalkboard heart!!!

Lets exam them a bit closer...

Decisions Decisions Decisions...

Because she can't resist the BLING

Awwww!!! He Love YOU!!

Claim It - or better yet - Mark Your Territory - LOL

or just leave your own message....

Ladies, don't forget to remind your guys about our V-Day Shopping Event. Tuesday 2/6 at Cordially Invited - we are helping the fellas out. There will be a florist here helping them to design arrangements, Southern Girl Desserts will take orders for the Valentine Cupcake Sweet Boxes and of course WE will be on hand to help him pick the right v-day cards and wrap all his gifts in the finest of gift wrapping paper!! Oh and to help this a little easier for the fellas -we will have FREE COGNAC from 6-9pm!! Spread the Word

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where is the Love....

It's all right here in Cordially Invited!!

Because we have so much love to share - I will post and item of the day everyday til V-DAY!!! We have a lil something for everyone!! Don't you want to share the love...Let's Go

This keychain says it all!!!

It's simple. it's easy and it's at Cordially Invited!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A few months back we printed bday party invitations for our client's mom. She was pretty specific on what her mom wanted - Hot Pink and Leopard - something snazzy that has nothing to do with the holidays(her mom's bday is in December). Well - we luckily had an invitation from Anna Griffin - ecru paper outlined in Fuschia and Brown - with a die cut high heel leopard shoe - that ties on to the invite....needless to say our client and her mom LOVED the invite
Loved it sooo much they came back and asked us to design the invite for her Annual Oscar Night Viewing Party. She left the final design up to us - and i have to admit at first i was a bit nervous - as she described some of the invites she had done in the past (movie tickets w popcorn and invite attached). So Akiyaa and I put our heads together and came up with something we knew would wow her!!.

I emailed her our idea and her response - Fabulous - Genius - Cant wait to see them!!!

The end result:

Just heard from my client's daughter - her exact words " Yvette, I just received the invite and it is AMAZING - It is it the talk of the office!!"

I can't wait to hear from her mom. Oh did I mention how FAB her mom is i actually got a chance to meet her before we mailed the invites and she is sooo FAB. Im just happy to know that we went above and beyond our clients expectation.

They have already asked us to design invites for a party in October.

UPDATE - Just received email from my client and I quote
"WOW!!! You've blown me away. Cannot thank you enough. It is beyond fabulous. I'm taking it everywhere with me on a leash!! Love you to pieces." SL

Can i tell you how much of a dork I really am??? I'm crying!!! LOL Its sooo great and reassuring when you receive that kind of praise from a client.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! (even on a day like today when the store was slow!!)