Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh So Many Things to Do

P1050355 by Party Paper Wrap
P1050355 a photo by Party Paper Wrap on Flickr.

If you are a compulsive list maker - like me and you are expecting a child (unlike me) this might be the perfect journal for you...

From painting the nursery, to tracking appointments, ordering birth announcements, writing THANK YOU letters from the baby shower that was 8 weeks ago, finding a pediatrician... Oh the list continues!!!

The sprial flip journal includes:
- Fold Out Master List for tracking your timeline
- 150 Pages of worksheets for planning EVERY detail
- Peel and Stick tabs for quick reference.

So what are you waiting for - add this to your To Do List...
1. Go buy Pregnancy To Do's for me ( or that friend that just shared the news thier expecting)

Now dont you feel organized just reading this post!!!

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