Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clocky Saves the Day!

Do you know anyone who has trouble getting up in the morning, even with an alarm clock AND sets a wake-up call on their cell phone?

Well, we've got the most perfectest thing you could possibly give this special someone. For your gifting pleasure, we present...

Library - 16858

What is it, you ask? Well, it's pretty awesome if you ask us - it's an alarm clock...on wheels. You set your desired wake-up time, and when it goes off, Clocky literally RUNS away! It can be placed on a table or nightstand up to 3 feet high. At the set time, it shrieks loudly - some might even say obnoxiously - and wheels away out of arm's reach! Clocky basically forces you to get up out of bed to turn it off, and by the time you catch it, you're up.

Clever, yes? We've tested it out for ourselves, and it works like a charm. And Clocky is just so darn cute, you don't want to throw it out the window - you want to give it a big hug and thank it for helping you get up in the morning.

Clocky comes in several different colors, and makes a great gift for just about anybody:

Library - 16857Library - 16881

Stop in and pick one (or two, or three - heck, why not one of each color?) up for a dad, a grad, or anyone who could use a foolproof morning wake-up call!

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