Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Perfect POPS!!

with father's day around the corner you probably think this is going to be a post about why my Dad was such a great guy(one day i have to tell you) but for now this post is all about a new book we just got in the store today....Just in time for Summer (you hear that Mother Nature SUMMER!!)

OMG it has 50 recipes for some pretty cool treats(pun intended): Fruity Pops,Creamy Pops, Fancy Pops, and how can you resist Grown Up Pops!!

I'm telling you if there's one cookbook you need for the summer - this is the one. Call the store today and I will put one on hold for you!

Just to get your mouth watering I'll leave you with one more freaking cool picture

The Mango Lassi Pop

I dont know about you but im going to be all about the POPs this summer. we now only have FOUR books left (I just bought one...LOL)

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