Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Love Love

my new little business card holder!!!

Yes, even in this day of technology; where you can scan a business card, send a Vcard or whatever other techy way of transmitting your contact info there is..I still love to keep business cards. Especially when i can tell that lots of time and detail went into the design and printing of the business card.

But up until now all the business cards that i keep have been sitting in the top drawer of my desk with a rubber band around them... but NOW - now they are neatly stored inside of my cute little red and white striped Semikolon business card holder. Take a look inside - it even comes with the tabs so you can organize them alphabetically(i tend to organize by business and sometimes by name - depends on the person..)

Anyway - we have lots of new SemiKolon products in store and a few of them will be on sale this weekend (10% off) at our First Annual Sidewalk Sale

You know you want one??? First 10 local readers to leave a comment will get an extra 10% off their sale purcahses this Saturday or Sunday.

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