Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Stationery Still Popular?

Is letter writing still popular?  "Yes" says Sabrina Soto of HGTV.  Do I agree, "YES".  When was the last time you sat down to write a letter to someone near and dear to you?

In today's zoom zoom world, everything is so fast and furious.  At some point we have to release our feelings on paper.....and writing an email, in my opinion is not the way.

Here at Cordially Invited we have a huge selection of stationery letters, note & thank you cards to your liking.

Send a thank you card to ALL the people that gave you a Christmas gift, that small touch of class goes a long way.

We challenge you to write or send a thank you letter to one person a month.  Stop by the store for some great cards that you can send off.

Below are a few of our selections.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Under $30

Under $30

Under $30
Under $30

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