Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gift Ideas from Yours Truly

Being a CI emlpoyee is full of temptations, as you can imagine. If I'm not contemplating which journal, stationary or scarf to buy myself I'm drooling over the ice cream and cupcakes over at the dessert bar. I'm surrounded by so many cute things!
The following 5 blog posts are written by me, Yvette B (or Yvette #2 as I'm called here at the store) to share my favorite Valentines Day gift ideas for you and your partner to share together. Sometimes we can use a little inspiration to do something different other than the usual teddy bear and chocolates+flower combo sold by that lady on the street. Our store is full of unique gifts! Come in and check it out. I wish you all a fun, cheezy, squishy-warm filled Valentines Day. Enjoy!

<3 Yvette B.

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