Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Countdown to August 9, 2010

With a little less than 3 weeks until we open; I think it is important to play catch up on what we have been doing since we got the keys on June 1st . To make this an easy read I'll recap with a list of what's been going on the last 5 weeks

June was a busy month, not only did we get the keys to the store, I was in production on the 10th Annual BET Awards, Planning a graduation party for my cousin's HS Graduation, had a show i was the Talent Producer for in NYC, and cheering on the LA Lakers to thier Championship Victory ( yes that counts) but with all that going on i still found time to complete the following:
- hire painterst to spray the open ceiling a nice warm color of Chocoalte Swirl
- Move the store fixtures i acquired from the now closed Swoozies to Cordially Invited( Thanks Swoozie)
- Meet with vendors from LA Mart and start the ordering process of inventory for the store
- Hire electrician to install new lighting
- Purchase chandeliers for the store
- Temporary sign hung infront of store
- Post ad for new employees
- remove carpet and added hardwood floors
- Video and alarm surveillance installed
- Interview potential employees
- Hire 2 new employees
- Start moving furniture around
- Hire cousin to come in and help hang and paint and generally lift anything that is heavy ( Thanks Cousin!!)
- Inventory has started to arrive - YAY!!!!

Im sure i forgot somethings but here we are July 20, 2010 Three more weeks until we open...
Check back in for more updated

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