Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Have Readers!!!!

Okay, so i started this blog as a way to document my adventures in opening a store and I hoped that I would get a few readers and ulitamately have a client base that drops in to read and see what's new at Cordially Invited from time to time; but most of all i expected to be writing to myself.

Well gosh darnit - I have readers!!! With one post to twitter i've already received a BBM and IM from friends and family telling me they've read the blog. Shouts out to "Credential Girl" and "The Cousin" for tuning in. And a special thank you to Twitter!!! What would we do with out our social networks!

( I need to stop overusing !! and ....) before i lose my readers - LOL

Well if ya'll keep reading, I will keep writing. It can only get better from here


  1. I am reading!!! lol!!!


  2. Thanks Jen. I just read yours - sooo cute !! Love it