Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Funky - It's Retro - It's Exclusive.....

.....I am so happy to announce the newest line that will be sold exclusively at Cordially Invited; Retro Hero!!

So a little back story -
A customer comes into Cordially Invited, she makes a purchase, I comment on her jazzy hand painted wallet - she tells me how her friend - revives old wallets, hand paints them and gives them to friends as gifts!!.

Fastforward two weeks later - i get a call from Grace - she reminds of the interaction I had with customer and wants to come in and show me some of her pieces. Two hours later Grace and her design partner come into the store - with 4 pieces - that i absoulutely LOOOOVE and i know instantly that this is going to be a new line for Cordially Invited and sitting at my table in my absolutely FAB amethyst ghost chairs(that everyone loves)

RETRO HERO is born.

To read about the amazingly creative ladies - visit them here and see how they re-purpose - re-new and re-awesome the accessories that are now available at Cordially Invited

You can meet the awesome ladies of Retro Hero this Saturday, Dec 18th at our Shop Holiday Event 12pm - 5pm.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! We had SO much fun yesterday, it put us in a coma. Seriously, between Steph and I, I think we slept enough for anyone who didn't this weekend. The event was such fun, I loved meeting all the vendors and awesome customers! So glad to be at your store!

    Grace- One of the Retro Heroes!