Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Have Readers!!!!

Okay, so i started this blog as a way to document my adventures in opening a store and I hoped that I would get a few readers and ulitamately have a client base that drops in to read and see what's new at Cordially Invited from time to time; but most of all i expected to be writing to myself.

Well gosh darnit - I have readers!!! With one post to twitter i've already received a BBM and IM from friends and family telling me they've read the blog. Shouts out to "Credential Girl" and "The Cousin" for tuning in. And a special thank you to Twitter!!! What would we do with out our social networks!

( I need to stop overusing !! and ....) before i lose my readers - LOL

Well if ya'll keep reading, I will keep writing. It can only get better from here

Its Feels Like Christmas....

The UPS and Fed Ex delivery guys are becoming my closest friends.... We are getting boxes of goodies everyday. I'm like a kid when I see the big brown truck drive up. Jumping for joy!!!

To bad neither of my delivery guys resemble Damon Carter...You know who Im talking about..Damon Carter: Boris Kodjoe's charachter in Soul Food. The one Teri ( Nicole Ari Parker) ended up marrying on the show and in real life. Yeah my delivery guys are friendly but i dont see myself running off with the UPS or Fed Ex guy anytime soon

Oh well for now I am happy to receive my boxes. It means we are getting closer to opening!!!

Pictures are coming soon

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Countdown to August 9, 2010

With a little less than 3 weeks until we open; I think it is important to play catch up on what we have been doing since we got the keys on June 1st . To make this an easy read I'll recap with a list of what's been going on the last 5 weeks

June was a busy month, not only did we get the keys to the store, I was in production on the 10th Annual BET Awards, Planning a graduation party for my cousin's HS Graduation, had a show i was the Talent Producer for in NYC, and cheering on the LA Lakers to thier Championship Victory ( yes that counts) but with all that going on i still found time to complete the following:
- hire painterst to spray the open ceiling a nice warm color of Chocoalte Swirl
- Move the store fixtures i acquired from the now closed Swoozies to Cordially Invited( Thanks Swoozie)
- Meet with vendors from LA Mart and start the ordering process of inventory for the store
- Hire electrician to install new lighting
- Purchase chandeliers for the store
- Temporary sign hung infront of store
- Post ad for new employees
- remove carpet and added hardwood floors
- Video and alarm surveillance installed
- Interview potential employees
- Hire 2 new employees
- Start moving furniture around
- Hire cousin to come in and help hang and paint and generally lift anything that is heavy ( Thanks Cousin!!)
- Inventory has started to arrive - YAY!!!!

Im sure i forgot somethings but here we are July 20, 2010 Three more weeks until we open...
Check back in for more updated

Keys!!! We have the keys!!

After a few months of contract negotioations with the landlord and waiting for the previous tenants to move - as of June 1, 2010 U finally have the keys to my new store. Total of 3 months from the day i found the location and decided that i was going to make a long term dream, uh i mean goal, become a reality!!

Let the adventure begin...