Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Myth, The Magic and The Spirit...

Oh the Spirit...The Spirit of Tequila that is!!!!

We just got this book in the store .. and not to sound like a lush but Oh My Gawd!!

This book is a must have. Even if you dont drink..but love to cook and add a few spirits to your recipe..this book has it all.

History of Tequila, The Culture of Tequila, The Myth and The Magic of Tequila.

How to cook wtih tequila and how to make great mixed drinks with Tequila.... I mean seriously they have savory and sweet recipes in the book, soups and salads ALL made with Tequila!! Some of my faves I think I'll give a try
- Tequila Lime Shrimp Ceviche
- Black Pepper Encrusted New York Steak w Anejo Glaze
-Seared Scallops wtih Tequila Cilantro Cream

Oh and the drink recipes....These are all perfect for Hot Summer Days...

Like this drink here...Raspberry-Meyer Lemonade with Tequila!!!

Tell me this drink doesn't look refreshing!! A few other drinks i see on the summer line up..
-Tequila Grapefruit Soda
-Watermelon-Tequila Agua Fresca
- Reposado Ice Coffee ( Now you are really speaking my language...Coffee and Tequila..ON

Okay and this is totally unrelated to the book - but i found this photo in my stash of saved photos. ( i think it is from a Mindy Weiss Event - one of my fave wedding planners) But look how Fab she made this tequila bar at one of her events...

Not sure what you are waiting for - but i dont see this book staying on the shelves much today and we can put one on hold for you..323.931.0200

The book outlines many ways to enjoy Tequila..... but the most common and universal is straight up - whether you sip it, cook it, mix it, ....Enjoy!!

Editors Note: Drink Safe and Responsibly!!!

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