Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Administrative Professionals' Week!

Do you have someone at work whose sole responsibility is to help you achieve your goals and get it all done?

If your answer is "yes," this is a gentle reminder to take some time this week to acknowledge all of their hard work day-in, day-out. While it would be fabulous to show them some appreciation all year long, today is the start of Administrative Professionals' Week! The actual "day" is this Wednesday, April 27th, so come on in to Cordially Invited to pick up something special for your assistant.

This fun desk accessory is both colorful and functional - especially with the warm summer months creeping up on us!

Library - 13791

Here's a stylish way to transport electronic files from one computer to another. This USB drive is way more fun to keep on a keychain than the boring ones from office supply stores!

Library - 13906

Sewing kits are a handy emergency tool to have at your desk. Although ours is so pretty, you won't want to keep it hidden away in a drawer!

Library - 13907Library - 13908

...and there's a mini-me version of it, too. This one is small enough to tuck into the pocket of your purse!

Library - 13909

One thing lots of people like to keep on their desks is a photo of someone they love. These beautiful frames are a nice way to display them!

Library - 13892

We'e open all week long to help you with your Administrative Professionals' Week needs. Come on in and pick up these gifts and more, and as always, we've got a fabulous array of cards to choose from. Save even more time and energy and have us wrap the presents for you while you browse!

See, efficiency at its best...see you soon!

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