Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of my favorite things about owning a store is opening boxes and totally falling in love with merchandise I ordered months ago and forgot about - LOL

That totally happened this morning!! UPS man arrived 10:30am(on the spot). I start opening boxes like its Christmas morning and squeeled with delight when I pulled these out the box...

I totally forgot about the new line of Wooster and Prince pocket mirrors!!. These lovely palm-size folding mirrors have little mantras inside to inspire you each time you open them.

"Hold Your Friendships Closely, Nearest Your Heart” – (Double Happiness)

“Love Yourself and the Rest is Easy” – (Flyaway)

“Find a Quiet Moment to Reflect Each Day” – (Waterside)

“Pursue Happiness with Abandon” – (Jour du Cirque)

“Let Your Inner Strength Astound You” – (In Town)

“Awaken the Possibilities in Yourself” – (Hither Creek)

I mean really - we should live by each of these mantras everyday - right??

Available in six different styles, each one is lightweight and slim enough to slide into the back pocket of your favorite skinny jeans … and affordable enough to have one inside every one of your favorite purses. They also make perfect gifts and did i mention they have matching emory board set( a pack of 3)

Yo, why i you still reading this - you should be on your way to Cordially Invited to pick up a pocket mirror - trust me they wont stay on the shelves for long

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