Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rediscover the lost art...

of letter writing!

With the convenience and easy access to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and social media in general, fewer and fewer folks are sending handwritten letters and cards these days. And what a shame! Isn't it awesome to open your mailbox and find not just a bunch of junk, but a note or a card that someone took the time to write in and drop in the mail to you?

Cordially Invited has some fantastic stationery items in the shop right now that will have you sitting down to write a letter to a loved one in no time!

Here's the perfect item to get you started: a gorgeous set of elegant paper and matching envelopes. There are twelve color-coordinated, letterpressed bamboo sheets and twelve blank envelopes made with 100% recycled paper, in three different designs.

Do you love having pretty pens to write with? So do we! Hot designer Jonathan Adler has a cool line of writing instruments that are colorful and functional.

Maybe you prefer something with a little bling - these are perfect for you:

Need a little inspiration? This awesome book by the folks at Hello!Lucky has some easy-to-make greeting card projects that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

We've even got a sweet selection of beautiful flat paper to embellish those handmade cards, or maybe even make your own customized stationery:

In ancient times, wax seals were used to indicate whether or not a letter had been tampered with during transit, and also to prove that it was coming from the actual sender and not a forgery. Hot wax was poured onto the envelope and then imprinted with the sender's ring that bore their family crest, or something similar.

Nowadays, wax seals are used more for fun. The colorful wax and decorative seal makes for a really pretty presentation, and we've got all the supplies you need to close your envelope with style:

And don't forget - with every $15 purchase between now and April 30th, you can enter our drawing for a $100 gas card! Visit Cordially Invited today and go back to basics - using "snail mail!"

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