Friday, September 3, 2010

Express Yourself with Vera Wang

Vera Wang. The name basically speaks for itself. We’ve all heard of the extraordinary fashion designer, best known for the feminine and romantic sophistication exuded in her floral inspired wedding gowns.

Her signature ready-to-wear couture collection embodies the above qualities as well however adds a demur yet soft and vibrant, free form element to her fashion portfolio.

The fashion designer turned business mogul has consistently found numerous avenues to express her creativity and love of florals, while doing so in a timeless and classic way. Whether fragrance, shoes, fine china, eyewear, or flowers every product Vera Wang places her mark on - timeless, classic, modern, sophisticated. And one of her most recent ventures into the world of fine papers is no exception.

Vera’s beautiful stationery collection uses vivid colors like peacock blue, tangerine, mulberry, and espresso only to accentuate varying floral patterns on the boxed set envelope and act as a sophisticated yet vibrant tri-layer border on the card. Similar to the designer’s fashion collections her stationary products are absolutely timeless.

Event coming up? Planning for a sophisticated tropical wedding sometime in the future? Or just need a beautiful backdrop to express yourself to friends, family, or co-workers? Well, whatever your needs Vera Wang’s blank, fine paper stationery can meet them all, at any time since they will always be in style. And remember, Cordially Invited prints invitations, on-site, for all occasions, whatever you need to say. Be inspired and express yourself with Vera Wang.

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