Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspirational Journals

As we come upon the Thanksgiving Holiday, are you inspired?

When I look at the enticing, radiant, and intricately designed Fall colored notebooks from Hummingbird Studio 77’s Hummingbird Collection I instantly become inspired.

I’m inspired not only by the printed design and colors on the outside of the notebook and beauty inherent in all the lined pages of the journals but I’m inspired to give thanks.

I’m inspired to write about my new journey and opportunity to explore new ventures and all the blessings to come.

I’m inspired to journal daily about the many interesting and wonderful people that come through Cordially Invited to purchase products for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, engagements, and holidays.

I’m inspired to be creative.

Shine your light. Dream for today. Play like there is no tomorrow. Seek your inner truth. Dance like you’ve never danced before. Be the change.

Whether you’re currently inspired by my inspiration or need a little boost in inspiration the Hummingbird Collection of journals, mini notepads, and even blank note card sets will keep you writing. This is also a great gift for artists, especially writers and musicians, who are always looking for new inspiration.

Visit Cordially Invited, check out the Hummingbird Collection, get that feeling you have every time you see a hummingbird, and be inspired.

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