Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fresh off the Press...

Drum roll PLEASE… Snow & Graham “paper novelties”! What’s so special about that?!? Why I’m glad you asked! Not only are these products beautiful and vibrant, yet classic and simple but they also combine modern design with the craftsmanship and quality of a historical era.

Snow & Graham does so via the process/art of letterpress printing. With its roots in the 1400s, today only a few letterpress printers remain. Only a select few are able to carry out the process and deliver beautiful work, since letterpress printing requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship.

View this high-quality craftsmanship when you visit Cordially Invited! The boutique carries various greeting cards from Snow & Graham’s Letterpress collection as well as recipe cards and stationery from other Snow & Graham collections.

Like Cordially Invited, Snow & Graham values the art and practice of modern written correspondence, therefore, they have gone above and beyond to preserve one of our nations eldest practices in the print industry and to bring beauty and distinction to their customers. If you share our values please visit Cordially Invited as soon as possible and form your impression of Snow & Graham paper novelties.

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