Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Organize from August to August

At Cordially Invited we are all about planning and organizing while attempting to stay as green as possible. If you’re up for that challenge as well, the brand new 2010 – 2011 calendar /organizer from Mixed Role Productions is just what you need to get started!

Since this organizer’s made from 100% post consumer recycled paper, recycling can surely be checked off the to- do list - at least for a few days…but definitely not for the whole year! LOL

When ever you’re ready to make that trip to the recycling center - add recycling to your schedule {← best option btw} or make note of it in the notes section of your organizer, so you won’t forget all those aluminum cans and plastic bottles still in your garage ☺.

Take notes, stay up-to-date on important events and special occasions, and also keep track of finances and contact info, all in one compact organizer. By the way {btw}, what better time of year to begin planning than in August – things are just getting back to normal and you can make plans now, for next summer! Since the beginning of the organizer contains an overview of every month in the calendar and each month begins with it’s own separate calendar, how can you not stay ahead of the game? Mixed Role Productions makes it especially easy for owners of this great organizer to get organized and stay organized from August to August.

Quick PSA: Obviously, I’m assuming that you all recycle? If you don’t PLEASE do! It only takes a few minutes of your time. Don’t like going to the recycling center? Most areas in Los Angeles County provide blue recycling bins for weekly trash pick-up {then again don’t quote me}. We can certainly try and do our part for the environment – and for future generations. ☺

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