Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A few months back we printed bday party invitations for our client's mom. She was pretty specific on what her mom wanted - Hot Pink and Leopard - something snazzy that has nothing to do with the holidays(her mom's bday is in December). Well - we luckily had an invitation from Anna Griffin - ecru paper outlined in Fuschia and Brown - with a die cut high heel leopard shoe - that ties on to the invite....needless to say our client and her mom LOVED the invite
Loved it sooo much they came back and asked us to design the invite for her Annual Oscar Night Viewing Party. She left the final design up to us - and i have to admit at first i was a bit nervous - as she described some of the invites she had done in the past (movie tickets w popcorn and invite attached). So Akiyaa and I put our heads together and came up with something we knew would wow her!!.

I emailed her our idea and her response - Fabulous - Genius - Cant wait to see them!!!

The end result:

Just heard from my client's daughter - her exact words " Yvette, I just received the invite and it is AMAZING - It is it the talk of the office!!"

I can't wait to hear from her mom. Oh did I mention how FAB her mom is i actually got a chance to meet her before we mailed the invites and she is sooo FAB. Im just happy to know that we went above and beyond our clients expectation.

They have already asked us to design invites for a party in October.

UPDATE - Just received email from my client and I quote
"WOW!!! You've blown me away. Cannot thank you enough. It is beyond fabulous. I'm taking it everywhere with me on a leash!! Love you to pieces." SL

Can i tell you how much of a dork I really am??? I'm crying!!! LOL Its sooo great and reassuring when you receive that kind of praise from a client.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! (even on a day like today when the store was slow!!)

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