Friday, February 4, 2011

My Heart Belongs to You

and all the bills and paper weighted down underneath these great Heart to Heart Paper Weights. Perfect Gift each with its own message or create your own message on the chalkboard heart!!!

Lets exam them a bit closer...

Decisions Decisions Decisions...

Because she can't resist the BLING

Awwww!!! He Love YOU!!

Claim It - or better yet - Mark Your Territory - LOL

or just leave your own message....

Ladies, don't forget to remind your guys about our V-Day Shopping Event. Tuesday 2/6 at Cordially Invited - we are helping the fellas out. There will be a florist here helping them to design arrangements, Southern Girl Desserts will take orders for the Valentine Cupcake Sweet Boxes and of course WE will be on hand to help him pick the right v-day cards and wrap all his gifts in the finest of gift wrapping paper!! Oh and to help this a little easier for the fellas -we will have FREE COGNAC from 6-9pm!! Spread the Word

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