Monday, February 7, 2011

Sharing the Love with YOU

That's right its time for a Cordially Invited Giveaway!!!

This one is for the Lovers out there.. I've been posting a few of the Valentine's Day Gifts we have at Cordially Invited but now its time to hear from your!!!

Leave a comment and tell us the best V-day gift you have received. Using the I will select a winner.

Winner will receive a special Cordially Invited Valentine's Day Gift Pack

You have until Thursday 11:59pm to leave a comment. Winner will be announced on Friday!!!


  1. The best Valentines day gift I've ever received was a simple love letter affirming his love for me. Crazy how the best things in life are free.

  2. The best love related gift I have gotten was a bouquet of flowers made out of newspaper by my hubby for our first wedding anniversary. Past Valentine gifts have not been as good as that.

  3. i told my then boyfriend (now husband) I wanted a hot date for V-day. He got me a box of dates from Trader Joes :)

  4. The best Valentine's Day gift I received was a romantic dinner with my boyfriend (now husband) the first year we were dating. The only problem was that I was soooo sick I stayed in bed sleeping all day while he slaved away in the kitchen. He worked so hard on the meal and I don't remember anything about how it tasted because I had no taste buds. But it was so sweet and thoughtful of him to be taking care of me while I was sick.