Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Award!!!

Although i have lurked on several blogs for several years - I am pretty new to actually writing a blog everyday and commenting on other peoples blogs;(blogging can be a full time job)SO you could imagine how STOKED I was when I did my daily read of Wan Life To Live and saw that she had included me in her list of new bloggers to receive a stylish award!!!!

Me stylish??? :)))(I'd be lying if i told you i didnt do a little happy dance) It made me feel so accepted into the blogger community. (Corny - i know - Yet true!!)

I also like that this will give me the opportunity to let you take a little peak nto the person writing the Cordially Invited with out further delay

1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. (DONE)
2. share 7 things about yourself.
a) I am the owner of Cordially Invited a stationery and gift store located on Pico Blvd (shameless plug)
b) I attende Howard University in Wahsington DC ( The 5 years i lived in DC - were some of the best years of my life!!!)
c) I used to play the flute and actually sat 3 rd chair in the Los Angeles Jr Philharmonic Orchestra ( I started playing piano but after one very mean instructor i switched to the flute - i had to audition twice to get into the Philharmonic)
d) Im the oldest of 3 - my younger brothers are twins and pretty freakin cool - i couldnt have asked for better siblings)
e) I freelance as a talent booker for award shows, television productiona and events. ( its a fun job, keeps me busy and i get to meet interesting and sometimes not so nice celebs :) )
f) I'm an aunty!!! YAY - my nephew is the cutest lil boy ever!!!
g) I LOVE what I do!!!! ( leaving my corporate job 7 years ago to start my event planning company was the best thing i could have ever done...It's all about following your dreams...)

3. award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. - this might be a little harder for me - but here it goes

a) C'est La Vie - I love reading JP Archie - her sense of style and fashion - she is always on point. Always has pointers on sample sales, newest and latest trends, etc. Great travel and eats too..

b)How Sweet It Is I just came across this blog and was impressed with a lot of the impressed i have already made two dishes (Macadamia Crusted Tilapia and Warm Spinach and White Bean Salad). I dont do a lot of baking but i will continue reading for more dinner ideas :)
C) Matt Logelin I know Matt will probably cringe at the thought of being called Stylish!! LOL - the style goes to the adorable Maddy - I have not stopped reading this blog since day 1. If you havent read about is story - you should!!
D) Soul Couture A new reader of my blog - and i just discovered hers - Look forward to reading her blog

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Done Done and Done

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