Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School with Jonathan Adler

With everything going on in these past few months summer time for me has been filled with excitement! Parties, events, opening a new store, Fed Ex, UPS...

And if you're reading Party Paper and Wrap with Cordially Invited you know a thing or two… maybe three, about partying! LOL

Unfortunately, we’ll have to cut back on some of that partying since summer’s winding down.

And when partying slows down, we all know what that means… Time to go Back to School! Blah!

But I think I’ve found a clever way to keep the excitement of summer going, even while learning your ABC’s or listening to a three hour lecture. Jonathan Adler! I know. I know. Everyone can’t take the incredibly talented interior designer to school with them everyday - but they can certainly take his energy and style!

For those not familiar with this design genius / artist, Jonathan Adler is renowned for his interior design work where he somehow combines classic, modern, and funky all into one - producing an aesthetically pleasing, positive, and cheerful space. In addition to everything one could imagine to be in a home Jonathan Adler also offers stationery products!

And yes, as the newest and hippest stationery and gift boutique to open in Los Angeles, Cordially Invited carries Jonathan Adler stationery. The colorful and exciting pencils,pens, and journals are guaranteed to provide a boost of energy to anyone that needs a quick summer pick me up.

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