Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching Up

Let me first tip my hat to the fellow bloggers that find the time to run businesses, be mommies and wives, cook homemade meals, manage websites and still post on thier blog EVERYDAY!!!

I truly aspire to be a daily blogger...

So in order to get my act together I thought it would be best to add a format to the blog and of course go and buy a new charger for my camera so I can start to upload pictures - cause really, what's a blog without pictures??

I'm thinking we'll do:

- Hello Monday

- Tips for Tuesday

- What's New Wednesday - (my readers can get a sneak peak of new items in the store)

- Top Seller Thursday

I'll leave Friday as a toss up for whatever may be on my mind as we head into the weekend.

Okay, stay tuned for What' s New Wednesday starting tomorrow


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