Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day of Firsts!!!

Yesterday was officially our first day open for business and it was a great day. Lots of friends, family and neighbors from the community stopped in to say hi, take a look and make a purchase.

There were lots of FIRSTS:
Our First customers who were visiting from out of town
Our First customer who lives in the Wilshire Vista Neighborhood
Our First customer who purchased with an Amex
Our First customer to use a Visa
Our First customer to use a Mastercard
Our First custmer who wrote a check (Thanks LKP - Friends 4ever)
Our First customer who made a purcase totaling more than $100 ( Thanks MOM)
Our First customer who owns a business on PICO
Our First Customer of the day
Our First Customer to be the last customer of the day (Thanks Godsis)
Our First Customer to make an over the phone order from out of town ( Thanks Ty - your calendars will be here in October)

It was also my FIRST day working retail since ummm 1991-2 (lets just say cute shoes aren't for 9 hours of standing and i will alwasy keep a pair of Crocs in my office)

Day 1 is over but you can also be a FIRTS - The First to visit us on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, The First to come in on the weekend...You get the picture!!!

Cordially Invited
5571 Pico Blvd
( 2blocks e of Fairfax at the corner of Curson)

Be one of the many FIRSTs to experience Cordially Invited


  1. I was the first check!!! Hope you folks out there will stop on by! SO-O-O cute...I only wish there was a Long Beach location...can anybody say "franchise?"

  2. Yes LKP - you were - and i just updated the post to reflect that - LOL. Im down w a LB franchise - are you going to run it???