Friday, August 27, 2010

My Precious Jewels

Seriously!! We’ve got that too! Unless you’ve already come to visit us at Cordially Invited you probably didn’t know that we have a beautiful selection of jewelry that will become PRECIOUS to whomever takes possession.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings – any piece you choose is guaranteed to become that special jewel that lights up someone’s night…or life. You’ll be amazed by the stunning collection of jewelry for low prices. Even though the prices are low these jewels will be valued for a lifetime!

Our small yet impressive and varied collection of jewelry can be worn to any occasion or given as a gift. Casual event? Jeans, a nice shirt, and a black beaded necklace with a jolly Buddha suspended from the beads will do. Formal event? That favorite black dress, paired with a golden necklace that’s set off by a cluster of jewels is perfect! Dress em’ up or dress em’ down, either way these jewelz will definitely BLING you in to the spotlight.

Buy some jewelry for yourself or make a friend feel special - after perusing the aisles, visit the register and you cannot miss nor can you resist our beautiful selection of blinged-out jewels!

P.S. One of my personal favorites is the precious pink stone wrapped in gold to form an amazing ring. Come check it out!

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